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Find Work After Being Dismissed From a Senior Yacht Job

The Maritime Labour Convention of 2006, held by the International Labour Organisation, established seafarers’ rights as they exist today, in addition to setting universal labour conditions for the maritime industry. Nevertheless, relative to other industries, the yachting industry still sees an exceptionally high turnover of staff.

YPI Crew   YPI Crew


Is positivity enough to break into yachting?


 Q: Abi, 21:

“I recently met someone who told me that it wasn’t worth going to Antibes to find work—he said he went last year and spent all his money looking for a job that never came. He told me the whole experience was depressing and he wished someone had warned him how tough it was. I’ve already booked my flight so I’m going anyway and I’m still excited, but I want to know how much of this is true. What are my chances of success? I want to be prepared. Do you think he just had a bad experience? Maybe he was just being negative – I am a really positive person so maybe I will be OK?”


PortTakola - New Marina opening in May 2016 in Krabi

PortTakola - New Marina opening in May 2016 in Krabi

This rendering shows a conceptual plan of Port Takola Yacht Marina in Krabi, Thailand. The marina basin is created on a 27 acres of redundant prawn farm ponds. When completed, it will feature 260 modern concrete pontoon berths for yacht ranging from 12 – 40 meters. All berths will have full fingers and extra wide concourse will maximize convenience while loading and docking. 24 hour security, refueling service, fresh water, electricity supply and disposal of waste, grey and black water come as standard. The marina basin will be connected to the Jilad River’s deep channel by an entrance channel that is about 450 meters long. The entrance channel is dredged along a natural creek and will have 2.5 meters depth below LAT.


World Superyacht Awards 2016 to be held in Florence, Italy

Boat International Media is proud to announce that the stunning city of Florence, Italy has been chosen to host the eleventh annual World Superyacht Awards gala evening on Saturday 14 May 2016.

Considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, the city is known for its culture, architecture, Renaissance art and monuments. Whether passing the time away in captivating art galleries or strolling from one enchanting palazzo to another, Florence is a breath-taking city to explore.

World Superyacht Awards to be held in Florence


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