A career on Deck

By Ben Proctor, author of Work on a Super Yacht: The Beginners Guide

Thinking of a career as a deck hand on a Super Yacht? It can be a wholly daunting process; Where to start? What do I need to do? Can I really get a job on one of these incredible yachts? Sometimes it seems easier to stay in our somewhat mundane existences back at home, with the security all around us, however sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can open a new world, exciting opportunities and memories to last a life time.

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Deck training & qualifications

So you have completed your STCW95 modules, you've walked the docks and you are now working as a junior deckand onboard a yacht.  Now what?  Well, the first thing you should consider is to document your sea time and the most effective way of doing this is by keeping records of your sea service in a discharge book .

Sea service can be recorded using:

  1. Merchant Navy Discharge Book (Seaman’s Book)
  2. Certificates of Discharge from ship
  3. Professional Yachtsmen’s Service Record Book  PYA Service Record Book
  4. MCA approved Seaman’s Discharge Book  MCA form 4509 for Service Record Book

The above needs to be supported by signed testimonials from Owners, Masters, Chief Engineers or Management Companies.

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