A career on the Interior

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A chef’s life on a sailing yacht

Life as a chef.

Starting out in the yachting industry as a chef can be quite daunting especially if you have been a chef in a kitchen where there are several people running different stations. On a yacht you are on your own unless you join a yacht over 50m-60m where there maybe two of you and then going to the larger giga-yachts where there are 3-4 of you in the galley being that there are kitchen hands, sous or crew chefs or the owners personal chef coming onboard whilst the owner is there.

You are the sole person in charge of all the foods onboard for both guests and crew and in some cases responsible for the beverage ordering as well. From shore based to yacht based there are large differences but once you realise that it is your responsibility to wash up, dry up, prep up all the food, order the food, or shop for the food, and create all the meals for both guests and crew life becomes easy!

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