Nautic Paris Boat Show 2017

Nautic Paris Boat Show 2017

The Nautic Paris Boat Show is held annually in December at the Porte de Versailles in Paris. The Nautic brings together all spheres of the watersports industry and becomes the largest indoor port in France.From Saturday 2 to Sunday 10 December 2017, you can be entertained by the world of sailing boats, motorboats, board sports, equipment, new technologies, services, rentals, tourism, and fishing.

The International Paris Boat Show is a show owned by FIN (Fédération des Industries Nautiques), organised by Nautic Festival SA, a subsidiary of the FIN.

The International Paris Boat Show reveals its new visual identity and aspirations

The International Paris Boat Show focuses on multiple passions, bringing together all boating-related passions and interests. The idea of multiple visuals has been retained, with illustrations by the general public. These boating passions are being portrayed by boating enthusiasts through selfies on social media.

For example, cruising is being conveyed by a woman glowing with joy under a sail, board sports is illustrated by a kitesurfer steering one-handed so that he can photograph himself and by an 8-year-old surfer poking out his tongue at the camera. Lastly, the motor boat is demonstrated by a family returning from a rocky inlet or an idyllic creek, smiling from ear to ear with mischief.

Nautic Paris Boat Show 2017

Image of happiness shared

The images above convey a sense of a shared joy, that of sailing. The typography used in the name 'Nautic' is also inspired by those in online publishing applications, and each image comes with specific hashtags, such as #kitesurfing, #boat, #family, and #inparadise, with a common denominator of #nautic2017.Thus, a new target audience has been defined: the general public, specifically the young and active, as well as families. It is a simple message: The joy of being out on the water can be shared and remains accessible to all.

Journey of discovery and reinvigoration

Instigated by the Federation des Industries Nautiques and Nautic Festival, this new lease of life will make the show a genuine journey of discovery with new spaces for visitors, new entertainment, a new identity, and fresh ambitions for the general public.From this summer, a host of new entertainments will be unveiled at the Nautic. The highlights, namely the SUP Paris Crossing, the largest stand-up paddle race in the World, and the Nautic Street Fishing, will also be taken to new heights.

Around Europe and the world, the boating industry is growing steadily.The International Paris Boat Show, being the oldest of all the boating shows open to the general public, will reinforce its position as the number one boating destination.

The Nautic Innovation Awards

Nautic Paris Boat Show 2017

To recognise the very best innovations in the boating industry, the Nautic is dividing the competition into two categories: The first category is the Product and Service Innovations, and the second category is the Special Prize for Start-ups. The competition is open from 12 July 2017, and applications must be completed online before 27 September 2017.

The selected applications will have to showcase new product developments and existing market products to the general public. A panel of five industry experts will assess the applicants using the following criteria: economic viability, the business model, their contribution in terms of social and ecological usefulness, and their potential for distribution

The best applications from the product category will be showcased in an exhibition in the Innovations space at the Nautic.The 8 finalists from each of the 2 categories will be asked a series of questions by the jury during an event organised on the main stage at the Nautic Paris Boat Show on Friday 8 December. The winners will also be given a free stand for the Nautic 2018 event.

The application file can be accessed on the website, from 12 July to 27 September 2017.

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